Okay, after hours of trying to reduce the size of one of these scans but crashing the editor a bunch of times from running out of memory, I located a utility program to resize them for me in batch mode, and it actually works. I'll be buying this program. Anyway, started with 4800 dpi scans and now used this program to reduce the size down to where Paintshop Pro can handle it. The program puts a stupid watermark on it but at least I get to see what happens when you reduce the size of the image. It actually looks pretty okay. In fact, I think if I were to had shot this in 75mm instead of 50mm I wouldn't have gotten the vignetting which made me have a panic attack when I first viewed these files. So, here I'm uploading a web-sized reduction so it will fit here. What do you think? 1/2 stop underexposed? I think I'm fairly close... but not right on.