I have 2 Rolleis, a 2.8C and a 3.5F, two Autocords (one with the selenium meter), and an Ikoflex. The Yashicas have long since died and gone away. While I consider the 3.5F as the ultimate picture making machine, I would have to say that a good Autocord is the most undervalued camera I know of and I have never even thought about getting rid of mine. The ergonomics are great and the lens is as good a Tessar as you can get which means it is a very good lens. The Planar may be sharper at the corners and at wider apertures but the Tessar produces a lovely image, which is why I also like to play with the Ikoflex. If you really want to try a Rollei, be sure to get one with Xenotar or Planar so that you have a meaningful difference, but, be warned that you may actually like the Autocord's signature better.