I just made my first foray into handheld LF (well, actually I was using a 6x7 rollfilm back, but I've got Grafmatics that I'll use once it all feels more natural) today with my new Tech V. What a blast!

I'd read that Linhofs were really too heavy to be practical for this, and I'd be better off with a Crown or Super Graphic, but it's not true. The camera is heavy (about 6-7 lbs), and I have some weakness in my left wrist due to an injury, but with the ergo grip and a neck strap the camera is so well balanced, I find it easier to carry than my Bronica S2A 6x6 camera. I'm also surprised by how little shutter vibration is carried through the camera. It all feels very solid. The chromes will tell. I was a bit concerned about the separate rangefinder, but I'm used to using an uncoupled rangefinder on my Voigtlander Perkeo II, so this is a little faster than that.

This looks like it might be my new travel camera, for trips when I might want a view camera, but also want to go tripodless as well.

Anyone else using the big camera off the tripod?