Hello to All,
No, I did not give up on this project. I simply had no scanner with which to record my images. Yesterday I set up my "new" Epson 4990 flatbed scanner. Attached are a scan of a 5x7 glass plate negative and a detail of the lower right-hand corner. This emulsion is an erithrosine sensitized (Ortho) ,non-gelatin containing, emulsion. It contains no S or Au sensitizers and is only 40 speed. The negative was shot on a 5x7 plate in bright sunlight. 1/2 " at f45. Developed in D19 for 8 minutes. I like D19 for this emulsion as it tends to be lower contrast when developed in Pyrocat HD.
Steve, I just today received 2 screens. 120T and 8XX. I an looking forward to trying.this out. I am a PUTZ with a coating rod!