I purchased a Minolta Autocord new in the 50's (I was about 11 and my uncle loaned be the money) and within a few years, the shutter crapped out. The estimate of repair was more than the value of the camera so I traded it in on something else.

I found that happen with most low price copies over the years. When I purchased my first Nikon SLR in the seventies, things changed for the better. Still have the Nikon Nikormat EL, still works.

I would prefer a used high end camera, Rollieflex, Leica, Nikon, and plan on getting a CLA if needed. These cameras are made better and more likely to last longer.

That said, if your Autocord is working, would not worry about it. The image quality was never a problem. That was mostly true with most of the lower price camera also. The longevity and consistency is what was gained.