All right, thanks you everyone. Again, the reason for wanting (not buying yet)) the rolleiflex is just to search and eventually find out what is really "mine", you know..
oh, yes, i had this focusing lever issue and i got it fixed about half-year ago, but it seems to be loosing again... or it's just wasn't CLA'd well, i don't know..

so i think if i find a rolleiflex bargain - i'll get it. if not - i'll wait for a bargain))
maybe you could advise on some stores or any place where already CLA'd film cameras are sold (except ebay and keh)?

p.s. btw - i do have a hasselblad, i've only tried a couple of films, and i did notice the difference. and i must say that so far this difference is not in favour of hasselblad. yet. but winter for me - is not the best time of the year to shoot, so i hope to disclose H's power in a couple of months)