Good morning, SyberSpider;

Perkeleellinen may have a point. I also wondered about the processing of the film and printing of the negatives or the digital scanning. I have several samples of the Minolta X-700, and if there is not an obvious problem with the body, the film comes out fine. One of my X-700s is in the shop right now trying to see why the 1/500 and 1/1000 second shutter settings come out about 1 full stop slow (1/500 is about 1/270 second). But for the range where the shutter speeds are valid, that camera has produced normal density negatives with good contrast and saturation. I do not think that the "muddiness" as it has been described is coming from the camera body. If you are using a lens hood and everything is proper, you should be getting good negatives and prints from your body and lenses.