Hi, I'm another fellow NZder here .. Wellington here.

How do you guys shoot this film stuff here given the cost?

I have in the past got into photog 2004 with just expensive supermarket film at $4NZ a roll then into digital and now more into pro film but they are just expensive, I've only bought 2 rolls of film here (Portra 160 NC and VC), the rest I have imported from B&H.

The prices really are 3x vs the USA. Lab cost are maybe 2x after you factor in printing a set for c41 or mounting for e6. Processed only is not too bad at $15NZ though. But I know PCL does cost maybe 10-20% more than some other pro labs.

Just the other day, a lab had to clean my film, they gave me a free roll of 160C (135) and that price sticker was $19.95 with the expiry date within a month. Sometimes they have expired film but they are only 10% less ......

It's like if you screw up a shot or bracket a shot that cost you a can of coke or a chocolate bar. Do a few more and you lose a Big Mac supersize me up meal. I note that back in 2003 when I was still with supermarket print film, they price was still $6 for a roll or $20 for a packet of 3. Ie., Fuji Superia/Xtra 400 from Countdown.

I've got 30 rolls now in my freezer, really have to finish them off and then maybe go to 120 format. They are a bit cheaper at least with fewer shots. I shoot static, so a roll last me a good month (at least with 36x 135 format).