Yes, I haven't got into b/w yet. For a low volume shooter for me is that b/w is maybe still the cheapest b/c you do it yourself and the chemistry are the most affordable of them all. I may have to lump them up for maybe 6 months to do a set of processing. Or I would just be throwing away chemistry.

Yes, pharmacies have gone up, I just use WPS in Wellington for C41 which is $6 and then scan and print myself. I also import papers and ink from B&H, they are also double in NZ. For slides the same, I process for $15 and scan and print.

In NZ, I really think that no one shoot film. In my camera club, for the 3yr I been there not one member have provided a analogue slide show. It is always a digital projector shot with a digital SLR. Even those who have shot film, they have scanned them and projected off a laptop computer. The prices are really just not doable in NZ. 10 rolls of film after a trip, you have enough for a new dSLR. I looked at Auckland Camera, they wanted $39.95 for a roll of Provia 400X.

Does anyone know if WPS in Wellington process their own slide film or do they ship them to Image Lab? I know that outsource them (according to their website).