WPS do have some reasonable prices in the "bins", and at present have a pile of outdated 120 and sheet film. TradeMe is another source at times for cheaper film, as is eBay.

However, I usually get my film from the US with a friend of mine (we share shipping costs), or occasionally I'll order from Europe (shipping is cheaper, and once you remove the VAT/BTW, the film can be cheaper than the US).

For developing, I mix my own B+W developer and develop at home. Colour neg in 35mm and 120 goes to WPS who do it within a day (develop only for around $6.00), while E6 goes direct to Image Lab (where it all ends up anyway). E6 prices have gone up quite considerably, so I'll not be shooting too many 4x5 chromes. The last 220 roll I had developed cost $22!.

There are quite a few film shooters still, but not in the numbers of years ago.