Hi, I use a small stainless tank with a Paterson reel - I cut away the outside edge of the reel to make it fit - and don't have trouble loading a 36 film even without the little ball-bearing grippers, just use thumbs. The outside (cut) edges have to be smooth-finished so they don't scratch film.
The stainless tanks come with a stainless reel which has a different loading technique - I don't like it, others do.
A metal tank maintains temperature in a tempering bath a little better than plastic. In air plastic maintains temperature better but it does still drop. Important if you process colour.
No leaks and quite a lot less chemical than a Paterson single.
You could of course just use the lowest reel in your existing tank. If you don't want to have the 2 empty reels in the tank just slip a piece of plastic pipe over the centre column to take the place of the 2 reels and stop the reel riding up the column when inverted or tapped on the bench.