I identify with Manuel Alvarez Bravo - a great deal. He wrote this about style:

"It all depends on what you call "style". Many students of photography are so busy searching for their own style that they allow the work of other photographers to influnece them - they want to go out and make photographs like Henri Cartier-Bresson, or Weston, Eugene Smith, or whoever. Why bother? They are missing the point entirely.
Style is not something you go out and search for. Style is something that comes to you. In most cases this takes many years - sometimes a lifetime.
The most impotant thing for a student - or any artist - is perception and nourishment of their souls. ...."

I've giving a great deal of thought - and great deal of introspection - into the "phenomenom" we label "style". I think my style is moderately fluid... constantly changing.... other than that, I'm not at all sure that I *could* describe it. Certainly, the sum of my experience goes into my photography ... and that happens with or without conscious thought.
Possibly ... wasn't there some myth about something - that if it was named, it would cease to exist..?

What about it, gang .... do you think that you could describe your "style"? ... Or do you even think that "style" exists?

There!! My "Gordian Knot" for the day.... or possibly, a lifetime.