Okay here is the problem. A few weekends ago while scrambling on some rocks while out shooting pictures along the river, I dropped my F3. It was either it or me and broken bones don't appeal to me.
After picking it up and looking it over I couldn't see anything out of the ordinary so all looked good. Considering this F3 has been well used.
However after finishing the roll some time later I discovered that the inside of the film chamber has a crack in the outer wall and was bent. The film back is a little difficult to close now but it appears to still be making a good seal.
Should I worry about the crack in the inside or just live with it? I don't want to put any more film through it if all I am going to do is fog it. Fixing it would probably be not worth the cost. I know that the F model nikons have darn good light sealing around the film back.