Something that is a pet hate of mine is when digital photographers try to make their images replicate traditional techniques and fail, over the years ive seen stupid things like "digital cyanotype"....errr no thats a blue inkjet!
I see minilab prints with full bleed from colour images but the bleed is always pure black and always identical frame to frame...its a shitty template Ive seen shop windows with pictures showing film rebate which makes no sense for the format that has been shot. and this morning on the news there was a segment about Hollywood and the image that came across the screen was a film strip with colour images but the digital retoucher had TMY rebate.... I feel like screaming when i see it. People should do some homework before trying to replicate traditional photographic looks. Its as bad as watching a movie set in the 1700's and seeing an extra in it wearing sun glasses or a wrist watch.Who else here gets frustrated by these things? whats the worst you have seen? and did u say or do anything about it? I see the handy work of these idiots every day.