Olympus stuff for sale.
OM-10 body - great - $20
OM2 md chrome, small dent on right corner, works great. Needs new seals. - great - $50
OM1 black AS IS shutter release doesn’t pop up, missing film speed dial - good - $10

50mm f1.8 - great - $20
50mm f1.4 sn 233xxx - good, some scratches on body, glass clean. no clicks on aperture, everything works otherwise. - $50
35mm f2.8 great w/case $50
28mm f3.5 great w/case $50
Tokina 35-105mm f3.5-4.3 RMC one-touch zoom with close-up. - great - $40

T20 flash, good, but battery cover is loose, a bit of tape keeps it on - $10

Black leather fitted case, worn around edges. (this is a smaller case that works better with the f1.8 lens and other short lenses) $10

Stylus black w/35mm f3.5 zuiko good $10
Stylus black w/35mm f3.5 zuiko good $10
Ininiti zoom gold ( this version is a bit larger than the stylus) $2

All reasonable offers considered