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FRANKLY, the camera body, assuming everything works and lesser name bodies tend to get used less and therefore tend to be cleaner and working, is not really as important for quality photos as is the quality of the lenses. ........You may be able to find Minolta 35mm bodies with Minolta lenses at very attractive prices and these are near top quality, but understand that the older Minoltas with manual focusing have different lens mounts from the later AF models.......
I can relate to that... I have several kmount cameras. One of which is a Sigma SA-1. So I purchased a SA-5...what the $%$%# the SA-5 has it's own proprietary lens. So to get more lenses I purchased a SA-7 which morphed into another SA-7. And before it's over my wallet is going to give birth to a SA-9... I can feel the pain.

Seriously... when waiting for a bus late at night alone in Frisco...I started singing when suspicious persons approached. One I can't sing, two I sang Amazing Grace, Swing Low Sweet Chariot , Jesus loves me. I would mix them up together to drive the point home. They all crossed the street to avoid me. Worked everytime. Now let's keep this a secret amongst ourselves. hmmm.

I hope the OP let's us know what kit he came up with.