Firstly, yes I am an inversion kinda guy. Its done me well so far do as they say, if it aint broke. I have developed 2 films seperatly in my large tank so far. I just used the recomended 300ml of chems, not the usual 1ltr. I think the films came out ok as I cant see anything out of the norm. But seeing as the chems slosh around alot more during inversions I felt the need to give the tank some vigorous knocking and tapping to rid any bubbles each time. A bit hard on the hands to say the least. Also, being a noob to developing I want to keep the variables to a minimum, especialy when testing new film. Thats why I figure to get a single tank for the mo. Then I dont have to worry about over aggitation, air bells or anything elce. Just temps, and times.

Photo jim, I am also tempted with the 2-roll tank as I also shoot Holga stuff. I think that will have to wait. Most of the time I have the patience to wait until I have 2 rolls to dev in my tank. Most of the time