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Something I've seen on newsmagazine shows here in the US like Dateline NBC. When they want to portray something as having happened in the past using "re-enactment", or older actual videotape of something, they like to overlay it to make it look like scratchy, spotty, really dirty, film camera footage. That drives me nuts. It just accentuates the "infotainment" aspect and degrades any sense of serious journalism. One guy on Dateline, Keith Morrison, uses tone of voice to imply who the dishonest/guilty/lying/etc. party is. Very scummy.

When my television died last year I didn't replace it. I'm better off without the dreck and drivel on TV these days. If there's something truly newsworthy, I can watch it online, anyway.
The artificial "scratchiness" on old or simulated old film is one of my annoyances too......real scratchiness or damage to old film or photos is a FAULT of later handling, when you see a properly restored old film or photo it's amazing how good the oldtime photographers and film-makers were.

(I agree on your TV comment as well, my set is 18 years old and watched less than an hour in a typical week....too many other interests and hobbies...)