The "PC" socket on the body you mention is actually the "auxillary shutter PC socket" and NO, it will not work. It is meant for usage when doing pinhole work, etc. That means that you may have a 500C-Transition body. If you use that socket, you'll be randomly in/out of sync with the shutter.

Now, the PC socket on the 150CF Sonnars have a very common problem with not working except with pressure. This is because of 2 things: 1) the o-ring in the PC collar is frayed and has pressed itself down into the socket and 2) the socket is corroded/loose from the lens mount (or there is paint under the ground).

Typically, (I have had this issue with many a 150CF) the easiest fix is to get an allen key that fits the pc socket. Remove this "cover nut". Check the o-ring to see if it has fallen apart. If yes, replace or remove (it's only to keep the pc cable from falling out). Then, youll see around the pc socket innards itself some paint/corrosion. Scrape this crap off with an exacto knife. Then, if you have one of the lenses where the pc socket has the little screw next to it (mine does), loosen them slightly, shift the socket around a touch, and tighten the screws. You may have to bend the blade on the exacto to get under the socket and remove any paint that may be there.

That has always fixed my sync problems with the 150CF. If it doesn't, then the internal linkage of the socket to the shutter is failing and will need replaced.

BTW, there are two types of PC socket connections you can get from Paramount cables. One is the "standard" PC socket (short and barrel like). The other is primarily designed for the older style C lenses and is longer (longer and funnel shaped). I have replaced all my cables with the latter and it 1) stays in better 2) gets better contact 3) hasn't ever failed on syncing and 4) shoves that damn o-ring out of the way if it is getting old.

Oh, and be careful with that damn PC socket conditioner. I have seen many of those POS things used, but roughly and the user widening the center contact barrel on the PC socket, worsening the problem...