I was shooting pics at a birthday party this weekend, both with a Sony alpha 200 digital and a Minolta XD-11 with Tmax 400 (@1600). About midway through the party a gal, one of the mothers of a partygoer, turns to me, smiled, and said "nice camera" as I took a shot with my XD-11. I replied "What, this old thing?" to which she replied, "This old thing?". She seemed flabergasted when I told her the camera was from 1975 or so.

Still, classic styling and good looks DO stand out in this age of black plastic. Pentax has realized it, offering DSLRs in more than black - including a new black and chrome version of their flagship K-7.

So let's start a beauty contest poll - who gets your vote for the nicest-looking 35mm SLR ever made?

Extra points if the camera also happens to be a piece of junk!