Well, I have received my prints for the round. Thomas sent me the product of a period of time where I usually get a lot of inspiration. BLOWING OFF STEAM WITH A CAMERA. Clearing the air. And what a beautiful result.

The first print was made with his Hassy in a small German town of a beautiful found arrangement of a simple tree situated on a lakeshore/riverbank in between to identical benches. So, great symmetry from the start. Pleasing to look at. When refocusing a couple passed before him so he tripped the shutter and that totally made the second print. And to top it off, he reproduced his triptych in Moersch Lith and sent a print of each by those means.

Thomas, thank you for such a wonderful gift. I cannot tell you how much I really appreciate your association here on APUG and the honor of being chosen to share your vision. Thank you very much. You are a good friend.