Having been a camera technician for a few years - I'm a bit biased, but I would pick:

Canon AE1 Program, Canon New F1, Minolta SRT series, Minolta X700, XD 7/11, Olympus OM1/OM2. Nikon FM/FM2, Nikon F3, Nikkormat series

In Australia you can pick all these up for a bargain - both cameras and lenses. All the genuine lenses are fantastic - sharp and well made, and the bodies (outside of any obsolete battery issues) are great...

And I've had good results with most aftermarket lenses from the big manufacturers - Tamron, Sigma, Vivitar, Tokina, Hoya, Kiron (although if you are going Canon FD then I'd stick to genuine Canon lenses - the Canon mount is a bit complex, and maybe I'm a bit biased but Canon were the only ones who ever really got it right..)