hey guys,

was in the garage today, found these little guys. I'm not going to use them anytime soon, so I want someone else to get some use of them!

tanks may be kinda dusty, and two of the tops don't have caps.

pictures show ALL that is included, if it isn't in the picture, it ain't getting sold .

**Paypal is fine if you cover the fees**

**all items are sold as-is, they need to go **

1. (*4*) 120 Stainless Steel reels. All are in great condition. (1) does not have the little retaining clip for the film in the middle. Still works fine. $8 each+shipping

2. (*5*) 35mm stainless reels. All in great condition.
$5 each+shipping

3. (*2*) 120(2-35mm,1-120) tanks. One has "peach" written in sharpie on it, also some slight residue in the bottom. see pictures:
$10 each + shipping

4. (*1*) 4-reel(35mm)/2-reel(120/220) tank w/ lid
$15 + shipping

shipping is via USPS Priority Mail in the US. Int'l extra. if items are purchased together, shipping will be less total.