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The artificial "scratchiness" on old or simulated old film is one of my annoyances too......real scratchiness or damage to old film or photos is a FAULT of later handling, when you see a properly restored old film or photo it's amazing how good the oldtime photographers and film-makers were.

I've had experience with two motion picture labs undertaking the "aging" of film. One, in Australia, just tossed it on the floor and then ran it past a scratching device.

The other, in New Zealand, contrived to shrink the emulsion chemically, damaged sprocket holes so that the image jumped about in the frame, made visibly bad in frame splices, and a few other tricks as well.

Guess who works for Weta, Wingnut and Peter Jackson? And knows his medium and craft? And has shot wet collodion? And is a Kiwi?

Regards - Ross