I am not impressed with photo(or TV news) coverage of Iraqui war too. But, lucky me, I have oportunity to wach CNN, BBC, Al Jazeira, DW, and other non USA or UK TV /radio stations or read magazines. There is one simple reason, which I understan but hate. And I will connect it with Aggies worry for children minds. Something like this:

US(or coalition) army must censored photos for one simply reason. They can not allowe to the people(or soldiers) in USA to see that US soldiers dies too, getting without limbs because bomb exlpoding, getting ill, suffer when dying or beeing wounded etc. That will lower moral of people, who will start to saing, Hey I don't want MY child(husband, brother, sister, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, father, daughter, etc.) to get killed or anything. So, only enemy suffer, our brave soldiers who fight for right cause never gets in any trouble. Someone mention, for USA and rest of coalition countries, Iraqui war is vrtual war, while other(Iraqui) people is getting killed. Just remember about 12 years old boy who left without complete familly and both of his hands when one "precise bomb which hit only military targets" hits his house... How that was covered in US media, just wonder...

That censorship started when expression "colateral damage" was introduced. Lets call things with theire real names. There is NO such thing like "colateral damage". There are killed civilians. And that is only fair and real expression. Period.

If I was too emotional, I am sorry. I was in war 10 years ago(Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina), was wounded, saw children getting killed, become invalides, and let me tell you something. All wars are dirty, and there is NO WAY to show war in "clean" way. If you are honest, you will show it with all the blod and suffer that war produce. And only one more thing. There is no way for any person (photographer in this case) who has any moral or soul to remain at distance. You must take side. All other talking about professionalism, both sides story, blah, blah, are just excuses.

Regards, Haris.