I've working very differently to what I used to do back in 2001-2005. I have hardly shot a LF frame since then (but will in the future when back in the west) but instead working on a long-term project in Afghanistan, for which 35mm (and some 6x7 RF) made the most sense.

Right now I think I am about 4-5 months off completion and pulling together the 'almost final' cut of images and will then decide what to do with them! It has been a fantastic experience and I hope I will have the opportunity to keep shooting in this vein. After shooting LF landscapes (which I am still passionate about) it has been extremely liberating and given me the focus I previously lacked. I now know where I want to be with photography and will let the course unfold from here. I have shot film throughout - a few hundred rolls in all likelihood - despite the constant comments about digital, but I did so because I wanted to and the project was personal and so I could.

Techniques have been simple. I have shot a variety of films and used a couple of standard developers and found that largely forgetting most technical nuances, aside from decent exposure and development, has also proven to be good for me. All in all, it has been the most useful few years of photography in my life and I hope there are many, many more to come.