Steve and Gary,
I am realy,realy grateful for your input. It has been a long time since I pushed a squeegee (and then I only did it in the lab, with experemental formula. I would have been fired on my first day as a Production screen printer.)
Steve, I had completely overlooked the importance of the block-out emulsion/stencil thickness. Duhh!. I was using only 1 layer of tape for block-out. I also will need to get a softer squueegee. I bought only a 70 durometer.
But I had an idea while contemplating squeegee hardness vs. screen tension and off-contact: What if I were to use a screen,say 110 for intance. With an emulsion with low viscosity and little thixotropy, have very little off - contasct between screen and glass plate, use a glass coating rod instead of a squeegee.
In this case the screen mesh would serve only to contrle coating thickness and eveness.
You probably ask: Why have a screen at all? For better thickness and eveness controle. It is an Idea that I will try once I have more emulsion to test with. Probably next week sometime.