I'm in need to clear out some of my equipment to make room for a Summicron-C 40mm, and a Nikkor 28mm f2.8 AI (hint hint WTB!) All the item's have been checked and tested, and all in good working order unless I have made mention.

All these prices are without shipping, if you are interested please let me know what zipcode and i'll give you an accurate shipping cost, I'm looking only to ship in the US but can ship internationally if required.

I may have low feedback here, but my eBay profile has 100% feedback with over 100 transactions.

I'm open to offers as well.

Olympus XA 2 $30
Good condition, minor scuffs normal usage. Comes with new batteries, ran a roll through with great results. Love this little point and shoot, I have 2 now and need to get rid of one.

Polaroid 350 $50
A rangefinder Polaroid! Zeiss Ikon coupled rangefinder which i'm afraid to say is much brighter and clearer than my Leica CL's!
A great classic Polaroid which can use the newer Fuji quick develop film. It is in good condition with no dings to mention and all the manuals/plates.

SMC Pentax-A 50mm f2 $35
Good condition, no oil on blades or anything, minor wear, smooth focus, precise aperture ring.
Great all rounder lens for any photographer using their Pentax film or digital body. Rather compact too!

Nikkor 28mm f3.5 AI $65
Great condition, doesn't have the pig-ears but is AI converted.
This is a great lens, extremely sharp and everything great about old Nikkor, including impressive build quality. Minor wear and marks on this lens, no dust on the glass, or oil on aperture blades. Smooth rather light focus, good aperture ring.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask, Pictures are available upon request!