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Hello I just recently purchases a Fotoman 612 w/65mm lens and also a 150mm. I will be adding more lenses but wanted to start with these two. I am not new to using lf, Ulf lenses, not on mf though. So, I do have a few questions.

How are your lenses calibrated? At the center or for correction of lens curvature.

What do you think the advantages are for each way of calibrating?

Why is there not a Fotoman social group. I think that would make sense?

Tell me what you like about your Fotoman? Advantages and disadvantages.

All the Best!
I prefer at the center, you got to pick one or the other...but most lenses (all formats) fall off towards the edges...so this is more natural. What I like-

a) Built like tank, beautifully finished
b) Well known for film flatness
c) I carry an additional 10mm space (add between body and cone when want
to focus real close). This reduces my near distance by about 50%.
You can also add a 25% spacer and focus even closer.
No other panoramic camera can do this. Of course you lose infinity focus,
so you add the spacer only as needed.
d) Huge lens choice

I liked it so much I bought two, my buddy bought three (we wanted fast handling, not having to mess with removing cones).
Also still in full production at Fotoman China (Fotoman Camera and Fotoman China had split, with Charlie the original designer running Fotoman China exclusively in Chinese market) ... see http://www.fotomancamera.com.cn/

And to contact them see.... fotomancamera@yahoo.com.cn My buddy ordered a 150mm cone and rangefinder from them (very quick). Speak English too.