hey cyberspider ..

sorry, i'll explain

the lcd display o n the back of the camera looks
like you have the camera set to auto and "square image"
try tweeking it to 135
the cool film box is bright and square and looks like a lcd image on a
digicam. it is square, not rectangular, like a regular 35mm image ...

"full sat noholga", instead of what it is on now
the image you posted looks light leaked, and a color image
made from a holga ( see first reference to square image.
without the mask images from a holga are usually square,
flared light leaked and sometimes less saturated )

what i was suggesting you do was impossible, film cameras
have no preference area to change the camera's setting ...

i DO like the film box, much nicer than the ones i have stuck on the back of my


masking tape / gaffer tape works well