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What's the developer replenisher for? Do they expect us to replenish (I was hoping to use one-shot because I'm using a Jobo rotary processor)? Or is it perhaps to "season" the developer?

And the capacity of the kit -- about 800 sqin? That's about 10 rolls of 135-36, or 10 8x10 sheets?

With your endorsement, I'm in.
The replenisher is all Kodak now sells. Included with the replenisher is the starter so that you have a regular unseasoned developer when mixed according to instructions.

A lot of work and searching went into this small kit. Among other things, I find that it is repackaged under nitrogen to keep the concentrates fresh for you.

So, don't knock it. Seems to me you all got what you wanted. If you want 4 liter (~1 gallon) size, then you will have to go to the Formulary and ask.