Allmost allways a Bessa-R2 with the Color Skopar 50mm/f2.5 & Tri-X dialed in on 320. If I am up for a little extra bulk & weight I'll bring a Bronica RF645 with the 65mm f4 lens. Also with Tri-X, at 200. And ocasionally a monopod for the RF645 - for that extra sharpness. If none of the above an Olympus Mju2, also with Tri-X.

The monopod, by the way, most people perceive as a weapon. There are so many places I have been refused entry while carrying the mono... even taxi's. :-)

I have a nice little classical looking Billingham bag for the Rangefinders... the small Hadley. A camera, a small incident-lightmeter, an extra film, cigarillos, wallet and a small notebook in something as small as a ladys purse.

Everywhere, everyday. I don't shoot everyday... but yu'll never know.