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...After conversing with the marketing manager I gathered they didn't want to pay anything for it. I asked some friends who also happen to be photographers and they encouraged me to charge for it. I'm glad I did. It was a bank after all. Ha!
Don't forget that people value most those things which come at a cost.

If you give something away for free most people will not value it but if they have to pay for the very same item, suddenly it has value to them which they will want to protect.

It is always up to the individual to decide whether to charge for something and to decide how much to charge but, if you give things away for free, you will not be as respected as you would be if you charged for it.

Have you ever sat down to drink a bottle of wine, for instance, and thought, "This had better be good! I paid a fortune for it!" We all know that there are some wines that are just as good as a name brand wine which cost less but are not as well respected. There's a perfect example of the price-value relationship. People will pay for a name brand product when they intuitively know that a no-name brand is just as good but costs less simply because they assume that something which is more expensive must be better.

Therefore, giving your photos away for nothing puts you in the same situation. Your work is not valued as much because it is free.

I don't know. Have you sold any works before? The final decision is yours but, in my opinion, you should charge, at minimum, a nominal amount. $25.00... $50.00... but even if you decide not to charge be sure to get credit for your work.