Reason #1 - Doing things that aren't "proper" make life interesting
Reason #2 - It's fun!
Reason #3 - Non corrected older lenses make for interesting IQ in photographs
Reason #4 - I have extra focusing helicals and enjoy tinkering with cameras
Reason #5 - Why the hell not?

All kidding aside, I have a nice Super 23 that needs new VF elements, I have a Universal with issues in the mail that I will be extracting the elements to use in my Super 23. I will then "flat top" the Universal and install dual hand grips, a cold shoe for a frame finder or optical VF, and multi axis levels to create a small profile, scale or ground glass focused 6X9 camera. A wide angle lens for 6X9 would be optimal and I have a 65mm (28mm on 135 film) already and would love to find a wider lens but funds will drive that purchase. Fun for me to build and functional. I am thinking about using a 128mm lens off of a Kodak Senior Six-16, would probably give a nice older look to the photos. I have already installed and tested a Voigtlander 105mm f4.5 Vaskar in Prontor-S and it worked beautifully.