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Shame you haven't a large Tesco near you as they do it while you shop and if they are not busy could be in 30mins.....ok you might get a few dust spots to clear up in photoshop but for testing cameras and lenses it's worth 2 total for dev and a CD.

Developed by Boots BUT printed in a lab canon FD 28mm f2.8, superia 200asa:-

This is the sort of thing you can get when the girls get a bit sloppy at Tesco, I just rescan with my scanner..Helios 44m.

I had a shock when this was developed only, at Asda for 1... Tak 35mm f3.5 MTL3

I re-washed the neg and cleared up remaining spots in Photoshop:-
erm can't find an edit button......the first link, neg was dev by Boots not Tesco, but here are two Tesco dev negs, Hexanon 40mm f1.8... Reala and superia 200 scanned by me and enhanced in Photoshop:-