What I did 2 weeks ago was the following.

I was in an old wood factory left there for 30 years...
I was there on a cloudy day and it rained.
The scene had windows in it and the complete scene measured 8 stops.
The darkest area measured was set into III.

I overexposed my hp5 4x5 film, 2 stops. developed in pyrocat 1:1:100, 68dg for 8.5 minutes.

The next neg was shot at normal speed and developed for 1:1:100 for 12.5 minutes which is my normal time.

The overexposed/underdeveloped photo looks somewhat low contrast. I can see all the roof details which where in zone III.

The normal exposed one, is crisp, fresh and does not show as much detail of the zone III. But this is how I would expect a zone III to come out. The windows need burning to get something in it.

When I show these two pics, everybody pics the one that is normal exposed.
So all the efford in getting all into one negative results in a worthless image.
The sparkle is gone leaving a flat thing. The macro contrast has been contracted, but the micro contrast also...