Thank you very much, Peter. Mostly, I'm just having a really great time. Emulsion making is perfect for the kind of folks who are sad to see the last page of a good mystery novel, or place the last piece in a big puzzle. There's enough here for a lifetime of fun and discovery. I hope you decide to give it another try. Despite the impression that one sometimes gets on this forum, the basics are far easier than a lot of other 'alternative' processes, yet the potential for going either broad or deep is essentially limitless. Artisan silver gelatin is a rare opportunity to make a mark in the otherwise extreme saturation and competition that is today's photography.

And, if anyone here is considering taking the Formulary emulsion workshops but feels a little intimidated by the (tiny) bit of chemistry involved, Kirk will be helping teach that aspect. Kirk knows his stuff, but even better, he has the gift of making darkroom chemistry very easy to understand.

Tom, your recent experiences do sound like an incredible adventure. I am in complete agreement about the liberation of a good RF film camera. I hope you share the final outcome, and I have to hope that one of the handmade printing processes is part of your vision!