I'm in the unfortunate position of being a student with no income other than loans and who is getting married (but that part isn't unfortunate!). I need to raise a bit of money and am sadly parting with most of my enlarging equipment. Even though I need to raise funds, I'd really like my equipment to go to people who will take care of them (Iím sure fellow APUGers understand the bond a photographer makes with their equipment...), and would prefer to sell for less to an APUGer than for more to someone from craigslist or that famous auction site. 5% of the proceeds to APUG.

I will consider any reasonable offer--but I am trying to sell these for less than they would on that auction site, so please be nice and not try to lowball me And if it looks like I didnít try enough in setting my price--let me know!

Here is what I have:

Beseler 45MX Enlarger- $150
-includes (blue) voltmeter (I've used gaffer's tape to hold it above the motor unit--it is not actually integrated to the frame)
-works perfectly
-I believe the bellows are updated--I used a lot of these in undergrad and the bellows on this unit are thicker and more "fabricy." They're much nicer and seem like they'll last forever. No leaks. I bought the enlarger like this from someone who obtained it from a news agency.
-Overall in very nice condition, but it shows some signs of use . Has always been respected.
-I flipped the baseboard over, so what you see in the photograph is the nicer side. The previous owner had installed some kind of handle to each side of the board, which was willed with some kind of epoxy/glue. This is that the little brown dots that you see midway along the right and left edges of the board are.
-Comes with a working bulb as well as three replacement enlarger bulbs (they have no writing at the tip of the bulb--writing is on the neck)
-Two lens boards w/ retaining ring
-35mm and 6x6 negative holders
-For pick-up only!!

Extra condenser lens unit (Free with enlarger, or $20 separately)
Purchased new-old stock. I bought it as a back up in case any of the lenses ever got damaged.

Beseler Audible Repeating Timer- $20
-I love this thing. It works perfect, and looks like it's almost new.

Focussing Scopes
-Bestwell Microsight Grain focuser. In good condition. $15
-Bestwell Magnasight Focuser Looks almost new. $15

Ilford Muligrade Filter (free with enlarger or $10 separately)
-Corners cut to fit the enlarger. Is missing either the #2 or 2.5 filter. In good shape.

El-Nikkor 80mm 1:5.6. $40
-Looks wonderful. Has a tiny spot in the coating--never been a problem

El-Nikkor 135mm 1:5.6. $50
-Looks almost new. Perfect glass.

Schneider-Kreuznach Componon-S 2.8/50. $30
-Perfect glass, lens looks like new, except for a ď50Ē that someone wrote with a fine-point sharpie on the ďmoonĒ figure on the barrel. Comes with lens cap.

Rodenstock Apo-Rodagon N 1:4 f=80mm. $50
-My pride and joy. Looks almost new, perfect glass illuminated f-stops--whatís not to love? Comes with cap.

Thomas Duplex Safelight $80
-Bought pretty much new from a lady who hardly used it. Still looks that way except for the minor (and normal) wrinkling in the filters. Is very clean. Seals/foam are not deteriorated at all--this seems to be one of the latest models. I have the original instruction manual. The chains you see in the photographs are new--purchased from Home Depot, and are, of course, included with the light.
-Works perfectly, and Iíd be willing to bet the bulb still has at least 9/10 of itís life left. Iíve only put about 30 hours of use on this thing.
-Pick-up only for now, but I may be willing to ship if it doesnít sell.

Print Washer (I have no idea what this is worth--make me an offer)
-I donít know too much about this. I donít have the hoses for it. It has a crack on the bottom, but this crack does not penetrate the entire thickness and the tank can be filled to the max without any leaking.
-Fits 8x10 prints. I donít know who made this.

Saunders 11x14 Adjustable Blade Easel $35
-looks great!
-Prefer pick-up--but I can try to ship it.

Everything together adds up to $515, but if you can pick up and want to take it all Iíll part with it for $400.

I have quite a bit of free (and expired) paper. Mostly 8x10 Ilford. Some warm-tone, some RC, some Fiber, and a big box of normal-tone.

I also have two darkroom fans as well as a light-tight darkroom vent. For pick up only. One is the Black-out variable speed exhaust fan (re-wired to reverse airflow and blow instead of suck), and a Doran fan (about 8x8 inches, and has a matching vent). E-mail me for photographs/prices. I will only sell once of these--I still want to develop film and have some ventilation!