Lyle, I'm putting it in the queue. I've got a 90mm Schneider lens for 4x5 that needs a new shutter, a Rolleicord that needs the shutter fixed, a Retina IIc that needs a cocking rack and CLA, and now the FM

If I can ever -stop- myself from buying new gear, I can save up to have the holy pile sent off for repairs to all corners of the country.

I'm glad to hear you're happy with KEH's service. I may go to them since 120 dollars includes new light seals, and the CLA rather than JUST shutter work. This camera does indeed have rotten foam in it, but it's not sticking to the mirror. What's happening (to the best of my knowledge) is that the front or rear curtain (I'm going to say rear) is slow or flat out not opening all the way at high speed.

The man in Kansas told me he MIGHT be able to fix it by holding onto the curtain while throwing the shutter to pull down on it. But that was only a maybe. He said sometimes they get out of track with where they're supposed to park themselves. His other advice was to put a sticker on the back of the camera that said "Don't use this unless you can shoot slower than 1/125th" Ha!