I am glad you have a solution. The finished picture is all that matters in the end. And if you are happy with it, then it's good enough.

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I still have a neg from this situation. So I can do a 6 min test. But going to short get's other problems...
I mostly do my process of photographing/developing in my standard way. When the light is to bright, i come back another day. When it is to low, also. Adjusting things often make things worse. I am at a point where I am looking at the final print and don't care about the neg anymore. Because my print is what I put on the wall, not a negative. Besides that I use all kind of print papers from cyanotype to baryta and PE.

Don't loose to much time in getting the absolute perfect neg, because probably it's not printable. A friend of my says that we think that we can create a neg that can be printed without any work, but he says printing is where it starts. Every print needs adjustment to get it even better.