a camera store I used to work at here in LA has converted some Noritsu minilab machines to run "duraflo" or something like that, b/w chems for a "cheap" alternative to pro-lab b/w developing. no push/pull, and I'd highly recommend washing OUTSIDE of the machine, since the machines were really intended for c-41 use. Some have also been converted to run E-6, I think with the Tetenal 3/4-part kits, cause there ain't enough tanks for 10-step Kodak E-6.

just a thought. Unless you're a portrait studio, running a few rolls a day, and don't feel like getting wet, these can be a nice alternative for a quick turnaround. Lower quality IMO, but I'd still recommend doing an archival wash OUTSIDE of the machine, so for me, might as well do hand tanks or since you already have a Jobo 2500, stick with that IMO.