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Willie Jan, I make every effort to make the negatives perfect, but it's not always perfectly perfect. And that's fine. Some tweaking is to be expected in printing, I think.

But to me, the more effort I put into understanding my materials, the more I get out of them, and the printing and post production gets so much easier! Do I get a better print? Yes. I can make a print that's almost as good from a less pristine negative, but it will take longer, and I will use more paper to get there. To me that is a struggle and I feel like I am wasting paper because I didn't get the negative right.

So, to me it's worth the effort, but I don't have to put in a whole lot of effort either. All I do is adjust the agitation, and subsequently the development time, to get a nice negative. I don't do anything else to it. It's actually a pretty simple system based on fairly approximate metering and development adjustments.
If I look at my pictures i printed 3 years ago, I almost fall onto the ground from laughing. I also spent half a year getting into the material. I see it as improving 5% here, 5% there... eventually getting an much more improved print.