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I called another repair center in Kansas and the guy laughed and said it took him two days of labor to fix the last FM shutter he got into. He said one curtain is slow or fast in regards to the other, but you have to get all the way into the camera to service it. He told me to just go to KEH and buy one of their EX condition FMs and be done with it

I may see if KEH wants to take this one in on trade.
It's not your fault the seller bought & sold a defective camera, if it came through the auction site, I'd INSIST on returning it. It wasn't as described.
For all you know he was aware the camera was defective. Believe it or not there are some unscrupulous folks on the bay.

1) Don't send it to the guy in Kansas!

2)The shutter does have to be removed from the chassis to be adjusted but the good thing is, once adjusted they stay that way for a long time.
If the spring lost tension, it's not age or use that caused the fault you see, it's more likely been dropped or bumped & lost a tooth or two of tension. A little bit goes a long way.

3)It does look like the Nikon and your Pentax share some flaws but the Pentax is the easier to cure. If you refer to Chan Tran's post that's the cure for the Pentax, a simple travel time adjustment.