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There are many ways to dry your FB prints as I'm sure you've read in this thread. If you want to get that super gloss without a special print dryer, look here: http://www.w7wwg.com/prints.htm. I've never tried it so if you do all I can say is good luck and post your results.
I just tested this on a blank sheet, and i have to say it works pretty flawlessly, i although i didn't follow the directions exactly.

I had already air dried the paper, so i soaked it in plain tap water for about 10 minutes to get it nice and pliable. I think putting some photo-flo in the water is a good idea, I'll have to try that next time. Then i took a squeegee to the back side of the print to get off the excess water, and put it on top of a piece of blotter paper. There were a couple little spots that had bubbles, so i squeegeed the front of the acetate to get those out. Took the whole thing, put it between two pieces of cardboard, put it under some books and waited two days. The surface is really really glossy. The only issue i had was the cardboard put a bit of a wave into the paper.

This is great, since i've tried putting glossy prints on glass a number of times only to have them stick badly. I'm trying it again right now on a few prints, only i'm using foam board instead of cardboard.