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PE, how do you control temperature in the SS tank? I have both a Jobo and SS, however, was under the impression that the temperature needs to be held at a vary close range that would be very hard to do in regular tanks.
I have used 3 methods. In one, I set the temp to about 102 and let it drop to about 98 over the 3'15" development time. It works just fine. Temperature averaging, as it is called, is mentioned on the EK web site.

In the other method, I have a small tank just big enough to hold an SS tank. I have a temp control unit on my sink and set it to 100F and let a trickle of water run through it. It then fills my sink and the developer and tank are held at 100F.

In the third method, I just set my Jobo at 38.6 deg C and leave it and the chemistry for about 1 - 2 hours and come back. It is ready to go.