Leitz 35mm f3.5 M-Mount Summaron w/Goggles

Lens was CLA'ed by Golden Touch prior to my purchase - beautiful optics, no cleaning marks, scratches, haze or fungus. Aperture is dry and click stops firm.
Goggles have some nicks in the glass and the RF side has a few pieces of crap but they don't interfere with operation and can only see the "crap" if you flip the goggle upside down.
Comes with OEM front and rear Leica caps, a 39mm Heavystar vented hood and snap cap, and a soft lens bag to protect the setup in your bag if not mounted on your camera.

BONUS: Also throwing in a 39mm Singh Ray UV-E filter - Can be used as a "normal" UV filter but specifically made for use with Kodak Ektachrome slide film.

More & Larger photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/3855704...7623573989309/

$300 plus shipping ($10 in US)

Luigi "basic" case for Leica M3 with Buddha ears.

I just received this in the mail a couple of days ago, purchased it on RFF last weekend but since I sold my M3 to buy the Toyo 45A and 90/8 SA and I can't use it on my Bessa R2 gotta get my money back. Looks almost unused, no marks anywhere except the impression on the inside from the ISO dial. Comes with matching Luigi strap in same condition. Very soft luxurious leather, gonna miss this one.
$100 plus shipping ($5 in US)

Please PM with any questions.

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