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Vivitar made three series of lenses (none of them called Series 1) which had interchanngeable mount adapters. The first set had the T mount system which was developed by Tasei (later Tamron). These were pre-set lenses. They were easy to make because they had no auto diaphragm. The second set was called T4. The T4 system worked with many systems but only if the mount required a single pin. You could buy a 135mm f/2.8 T4 lens and use it with a Canon FT QL and also with a Nikkormat if you bought both adapters. As far as I know all of the T4 lenses were made by Tokina. As more camera manufacturers made cameras with more than one pin in the mount, the T4 system grew limited. Some systems for which T4 adapters were not made include Konica Autoreflex (AR), Olympus OM, Pentax K, Yashica/Contax, Nikon AI/AIS and Canon FD. The later TX system had mount adapters for all of these. The TX adapter for Nikon AI lenses is rare. I don't think I have ever seen one of them but I have seen pictures of them on eBay.

The original T system included a wide variety of lenses. The T4 system went from 21mm to 400mm and included a limited number of zooms. I have most of the T4 lenses. The ones I'm missing are the 400mm f/5.6 and the 55-135 zoom. There may have also been a slower T4 400. TX lenses went from 24mm to 400mm and included more zooms. These were either all or mostly made by Tokina. The only TX lens I seem to be missing is the 400/6.3. As I must have mentioned earlier, there were many Vivitar lenses which were not Series 1 models but which were also very good. There is an oddball 55mm f/1.2 lens which was made for Vivitar by Tomioka (later taken over by Yashica) and which, in overseas markets, was marked Series 1. At least once I saw a TX lens marked Tokina raher than Vivitar. It was probably originally sold outside of the U.S. Past a certain point you shouldn't put too much stock in what other people (including me) say about a particular lens. If you try the lens and like it then it works for you.

This is becoming much more complicated than need be. Yes, there are some very good non-Series 1 lenses designed by Vivitar. But, as I said before, the early Series 1 lenses, ROCK! And meet or exceed OEM lenses (as do many Kiron's). I don't have the time to go into the whole Vivitar history. PLEASE, just tell me what focal length you are looking for, and I'm more than happy to hook you up with a Vivitar Series 1 or Kiron lens that you will be very happy and satisfied with. And if you come across a non-Series 1 Vivitar that you are interested in, I'll gladly give you the history and the lineage of it. Many of the non-Series 1 lenses are very capable performers.

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