I found this thread and have and need some help too.
My RB67, 65mm Sekor "C" lens arrived yesterday. It appears to be a "floating element" lens. When I bought it off of ebay there was no mention of a "floating element". The lens is in9 out of 10 condition and everything appears to be working fine. My question is about the floating element adjustment too.
There is a ring closest to the end of the lens that has distance in ft/m. at the two ends of adjustment travel there are detents that feel just like aperture "clicks". When I rotate this ring I can see that the inside of the lens is turning but nothing on the outside is moving.
When I look through the viewfinder, after focusing like normal, I turn the "floating element" ring but can tell not any difference in sharpness or anything else for that matter. Where do I find the distance to use to adjust this element? the scale on the side of the bellows???
How do I use this lens properly???
Does the floating element really make a difference in the quality of the photo or is it a gimmick? I am a real lover of my RB67 system and understand most of the features but this one is a bit confusing...