Not to be a wisenhiemer, know it all, but it is the dryness of the paper for sure, when you sprits the back it still may not be enough.
If you can make a humidity tent around your press or move the press to a room where you can pump up the humity, let the prints absorb all the good moisture in the air and your problem will most definately go away.
This is a common problem here in Toronto during the winter months.
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I didn't think it was wet time, I used to wash forever after long, long days printing- and now I'm only able to print for a five or six hour stretch, paper is wet half as long at most.

Not just my press, I've had it happen with my old, old press which finally gave up the ghost and the newer old one, plus a very nice and finely tuned giant one a friend had in town. I'm hoping the humidity is the answer. Just pressed a bunch of things Wednesday, so I've not have enough of anything for a week or two before firing up the press again.

Excellent link- thank you.