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The Vivitar series 1 lenses, are clearly labeled with the "Series 1" label. There are some that are the same focal length, but do not share the same aperture or "Series 1 designation. The Series 1 designs differ from non-Series 1 designs. Tell me about what focal length you are looking for, and I'll steer you in the right direction, and, or choose the proper Series 1 lens for you.

Kiron Kid
Thanks KK..that answer solves the riddle. I'm now intrigued with the TX lenses. The Vivitar that I have came with a used Ricoh XR2s along with a Promaster 28mm and a Quantaray 85-210. I purchased the set to expand my kmount lenses to fit my Pentax P3n. The Ricoh purchase started my CBA/LBA. Why? because the lady who sold me the Ricoh pulled out a SIGMA SA-1 with a Sigma 35-70 2.8 for $10 and I said yes. And I've been saying yes ever since! I have most ranges covered except the mega telephotos. Thank you again and I will keep you in mind should I decide I can't create without a 24 or 35.